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A Singapore heritage brand, Hock Lian Huat Foodstuff Industry (HLH) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wu xiang xia bing – a range of traditional Chinese snacks. Through years of innovation, today our brand has over 40 different types of snack food. We supply to many businesses in Singapore, ranging from hawker stalls to restaurants and hotels.

Besides producing foodstuff, HLH, as one of the oldest-running pioneers in the Singapore food industry, also contributes to the growth of our business partners by providing food consultation services.

To make our products even more accessible to the masses, we have launched a brand called Gim's Heritage that retails our popular wu xiang xia bing in convenient packs. These products are widely available at the frozen food section of leading supermarkets, both locally and overseas. With Gim's Heritage, our customers can now enjoy our products in the comfort of their own homes.