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The HLH story spans three generations. It started in 1928 when our founder, the late Tan Gim Teh, arrived in Singapore from Xiamen, China.

The young Tan Gim Teh brought little with him in terms of worldly possessions. What he brought along though was even more significant – his well-kept
family recipe.

So as a new migrant to Singapore, he made a living as a mobile hawker selling wu xiang (a meat roll seasoned with five types of Chinese spices), lean pork sausage, and pork liver roll served with sweet potato soup. All these proved to be his recipes for success because very soon many other hawkers started to purchase from him!

In 1964, Tan Gim Teh's youngest son, Tan Ah Lay, took over the reins. With a talent for creating new flavours, the young successor gradually added more snacks to his father's original range.

His innovations marked the birth of what is popularly known today as wu xiang xia bing. It encompasses wu xiang, prawn crackers, Chinese sausage, meat balls, meat rolls, vegetable rolls, fish or seafood rolls, and many others. Making these snacks even more delicious are the special sweet sauce and chilli sauce.

Tan Ah Lay converted his father's hawker business into a shop at Xiao Po (the present North Bridge Road) and named it after his three sons – Hock, Lian
and Huat.

Today this near-century-old family recipe and spirit of enterprise are going strong in the hands of the family's third generation, helmed by Tan Ah Lay's second son.

The business now taps on modern technology and equipment to improve processes and productivity, while keeping to the same high quality ingredients used by its founder. By so doing, HLH preserves the authentic taste of the original recipes, saving the best of Singapore's food heritage for the future.